Food for Thought

Beauty-privilege. Why isn’t this a big issue? Beautiful people have huge, unfair advantages in life. Their lives are so much easier. Have you ever seen a homeless person who looks like a fashion model?

We need to make them feel like shit. We need to continually accuse them of taking opportunities away from ugly people. If they deny it, we remind them of the fact that privilege is invisible to those who have it.

We need to make them feel so guilty for being beautiful that some would rather deform their faces, pretend like they were born ugly in order to escape from their beauty-guilt, and teach history of ugly people at George Washington University.

We need to stop listening to the opinions of beautiful people. What the hell would they know? They had it easy all their lives. They are not entitled to their opinions. They need to accept that ugly people are always right.

And, I’ll be a beautiful savior who fight for ugly people despite being beautiful myself.