September 3, 2018

Food for Thought

This is apparently a very popular sandwich in Jamaica called Easter Bun and Cheese. The origin is British as they colonized Jamaica. The bun part is also called “stout bun” because it contains stout beer as an ingredient. It has many different dried fruits, so it’s sweet. The flavor of nutmeg is strong too. It’s sort of like carrot cake or banana bread.

The funny part is the “cheese.” None of the recipes I came across indicated what kind of cheese it is. This reminds me of how it was in Japan when I was growing up; cheese was just cheese. We didn’t care about the kind (many things are just “omakase”). Any cheese was good enough as long as the chef thought it was good enough. In fact, it drove me crazy when I first moved here because everyone was asking me what kind of cheese I wanted.

This particular one in the stout bun tasted like cream cheese, or some sort of highly processed cheese made with all sorts of things you wouldn’t wanna know. It tasted great.

This was a great find. I’d love to make it myself

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