September 25, 2018

Food for Thought

How It Works: Many supposedly smart people would tell you that it’s important for your health to maintain a regular meal schedule, but it’s only very recently in the human history that we began eating regularly because of the advancement in technology like refrigeration and transportation. For millions of years, it was not possible for our ancestors. They ate when they found food. This is why we have this amazing mechanism to store energy like a rechargeable battery. (We have no mechanism to store oxygen because air has always been available consistently.) It is unnatural to eat 3 times a day.

The most natural way is to eat only when we find food, but today, food is everywhere. So, here is the solution. Set high criteria for what you consider “food” so that you rarely come across one. This is where Instagram can help you: Eat only what’s worth Instagramming.

kip the breakfast because you don’t have time to cook something amazing in the morning. It’s hard to find something Instagrammable for lunch too because you only have an hour to get there and eat. Unless you work in Jackson Heights or Flushing, you will quickly exhaust your options. Or, you might go broke by eating at expensive Manhattan restaurants. But, don’t reach for that free muffin in the conference room. Hunt for what’s Instagrammable.

You can check the number of likes to determine how well you are doing on your diet. By dividing the number of likes with the number of followers, you can arrive at your “engagement rate,” and you can pick a specific rate as your target. For instance, if you have 100 followers and you get 10 likes for your latest post, that’s 10% engagement rate. If you fall below 10%, you didn’t eat what’s Instagram-worthy. Try to find something better next time. You might have to travel far to find it as our ancestors did during the Stone Age. If you come across a bunch of Instagrammable foods, it’s fine to stuff yourself because you never know when you will come across your next Instagrammable meal. That’s what your belly fat is for

*Not really

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