Insta-Dogme Manifesto

Food for Thought

In my post about how food Instagramming works, an overwhelming number of commenters asked what Insta-Dogme principles are. Dogme 95 was a set of filmmaking rules that some directors, like Lars von Trier, followed in order to make more authentic films. Here is the version of it that some Instagram foodies follow, the Insta-Dogme Manifesto:

1. Only the objects you find at the location should be in the photo. Do not include your pretty face or your baby’s cute face in the frame.

2. Use only smartphone cameras.

3. Use only available light. No strobes or portable LED lights.

4. No more photos of any dish that combines two or more of the following ingredients: Kobe beef, uni, truffle, gold leaf, and caviar.

5. Do not apply any Instagram filters.

6. Always use the square format. Don’t add any margins or frames.

7. Don’t act like a food critic.

8. Don’t act like a food stylist.

9. Don’t use the Instagram backdrop provided by the proprietors.

10. Don’t add copyright information in the photo.

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