A Random Comment from June 19, 2004

So you take an ancient pagan fertility festival and it becomes transfigured by the pope for marketing purposes to celebrate the birth of a phony messiah who died 400 years earlier. Then you layer on top of it a merchandising campaign by Coca Cola and the toy industry and you export it to gullible non-religious Japanese who ingest all manner of American pop/crap culture and "embrace anything festive regardless of their religious origins." And you foist it on everyone at home as a national holiday that is paired with Easter, another ancient fertility festival that serves as an excuse for Spring Break depravity for college students and a massive sugar orgy for children of all ages who gorge on chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps.
And you blame Jews for trivializing Christmas?
So sue me if I don’t want to celebrate the fake birth of a man whose death by the Romans produced another forced holiday that for centuries served as an annual opportunity by priests to revive the blood libel and launch pogroms against Jews even though the phony messiah supposedly died for the sins of all and rose from the dead.