A Random Comment from October 25, 2001

I was at your www.alllooksame.com site. Found your "Pre-Launch Party" entry pretty interesting. It goes without saying that the atrocities of humankind are despicable no matter what races are involved, whether it be the Holocaust or the Koreans/Japanese. I would have to agree that what has added fuel to the fire is the lack of publicity of the Korean/Japanese afflictions and, like you said, the lack of apparent remorse (on the part of the political parties, etc.) As years have gone by, I’m sure bitterness and all those sorts of feelings have grown tenfold. Anyway, I feel like it’s just human nature to sink to the lowest levels when hate or contempt is involved. Jews and Germans, Koreans and the Japanese, Croatians and Serbs... it goes on and on. Anyway, an entertaining site nonetheless.

Also, who is the sixth person, the Chinese girl? Is she giving out her number or email? Hahaha...

And incidentally, I’m Korean and there is nothing to fear about us. Befriend us, we are a kind peoples.