A Random Comment from March 19, 2003


Intriguing site(s). I am an American-Korean (I will explain a bit later), currently living and working in Tokyo, Japan. A fellow American-Japanese colleague sent me your alllooksame.com site, and I enjoyed reading through the discussion and the taking the test. ‘Good on ya mate’ as the Aussies say.

The reason I found your sites so interesting is as a Korean-American (born in Seoul, but grew up in the US from 1 onward) I get the “Where are you from?” question all the time. The best thing is I am one of the adopted Koreans, so I carry a German/Jewish last name, which really throws people. Great intro grabber during networking meetings and ice breakers. A bit tough in Japanese but groovey nonetheless.

A funny story came about a few weeks ago when my Japanese blooded American friend intro’d me to one of his ex colleagues / good friend from San Francisco. I told her that I was the only Jewish Asian guy she would ever meet in her life, she rolled with it so much that during our meal, she asked if the food was *Kosher* for me. Needless to say, that was a very funny moment for all of us and was even funny when translated into Japanese to the owner!

I think that as long as one takes the little bumps in life in stride and with a grain of humor, you can use the AA (Asian-American) questions / remarks to your advantage...as I have over the years. It is not easy, but acceptance is one of the stages in understanding oneself...or is that me at the shrinks office? haha.

Well, have to go back to saving Toyota’s web sites now, keep up the good work.

- Greg