A Random Comment from February 17, 2005

I am a Japanese living in the US (not New York), and read the article and the comment from Sara G interestingly. I agreed both. Actually what I learned is that I do not have to say "you have to visit Japan to find "real" Japanese". I appreciate that you can find and enjoy "real" Japanese food in NY as well as Chinese and Vietnamese.

"Japanese food is not always going to be authentic", I agree 100%. I think (and wonder), however, why the Japanese food scene in the US is biased to the kinds of "authentic" food, which is expensive (even a Japanese eats not often), hardly homemade, and difficult to look for a good restaurant even in Japan, instead of fast foods and arranged non-Japanese food popular in Japan such as ramen. I believe this is one of the backgrounds of this topic.
My opinion to Sara G is, in short, it will end up with the difference between the attitude to food, not the difference among Japanese food and Chinese food etc. themselves.

In Japanese restaurants in the US, I can find too many Japanese foods never found in Japan and I feel that they seem to be not by Japanese and not for Japanese. The fact itself might be no problem for me because it is in the US. But it is true that quite a few Japanese including me feel some Japanese restaurant in the US are not good, and we do not think it is not only because of taste arrangement to the US people but also because of the thing that feels like "faking". I think the white paper revealed the uncertain thing relatively clearly. I think it is valuable also for the US people to know quite a few Japanese people feel something different in some US Japanese restaurant and are not content with them, and to know which one can be appreciated by native people. After that, if you could compare these and feel no difference, it would be no problem for me.

If a Chinese said that Chinese restaurant in the US run by Japanese, or in Japan is not the one that the real Chinese and suggested how to distinguish real Chinese, I would appreciate that, and I guess most of Japanese would do so. I would like to hear about your "real" foods of your home countries.