Creativity in Pandemic

Food for Thought

I’ve always been fascinated with what creativity is. When I use the word, everyone seems to understand it, but we use it to refer to many different traits and phenomena. For instance, when someone solves a problem in an ingenious way, we call it “creative.” A prolific home baker is also described as “creative” regardless of originality. Many people also use the term to mean “artistic,” even though accounting could also be “creative.”

The current pandemic has forced many people to be introspective and ask what creativity means for them. Creative problem-solvers love challenges, and the pandemic has been the mother of all challenges. Those who are driven to create things, artistic or not, have found a lot of time to do so at home.

I used to think creativity is closely associated with introverts, but many extroverts I know have surprised me. One of the most extroverted people I know, who has been living in a house far from the city by himself, seems to be having a great time engineering intriguing electronic objects.

The Portuguese food in the photo was made by Chef Isabel Fernandes of @joeybatscafe as part of the pop-up event organized by @nigelsie. Isabel is a quintessential extrovert—she loves people, but she loves cooking too. For her, even the word “love” might be an understatement. It’s as if God sent her to earth to cook; there is a magical ingredient in every plate she serves. It was great to see her behind the beautiful kitchen @essexpearl when I picked up the food.

Nigel too is an all-around creative person but particularly in problem-solving. I find that most artistic people are not particularly “creative” for problem-solving. Many successful graphic designers, for instance, are known for their unique styles and apply them regardless of the problems they are solving. Nigel seems to turn every negative circumstance into a creative challenge. This series of pop-up events is only one of many.

Regardless of the type, creativity is infectious. It spread faster than the coronavirus, and now, we have a vaccine approved. I love adversities for this reason; they bring out the best in us humans.