Trump the Great Symptom

Food for Thought

What I appreciate about Trump is that he is a great symptom. Pretty much the sole purpose of the political elites, like Cruz, Obama, Bush, Clinton, and even Biden, is to suppress and conceal the symptoms of the national disorder, so that income disparity can continue unabated.

The strategy for Democrats has been to distract everyone by talking about racism and sexism as if that’s the biggest problem in this country. Prejudice is often a symptom of poverty. German people didn’t suddenly become racists before WWII and then suddenly stop being racist after. Fear and suffering bring out the worst in all of us. Racism is also a symptom. So, I appreciate white supremacists too. I can see that this country is ill.

Trump is like a big cyst on your face. Democrats cannot stand it because it’s so ugly and disgusting. Because most Democrats live in the urban areas and doing fine economically, their only concern is to remove the hideous symptom.

Some people have this rare disorder where they feel no pain. A typical reaction of most people when they hear about it is, “You are lucky; I wish I felt no pain.” But once they hear what it’s like to feel no pain, they realize how horrible it is. If you don’t feel any pain, you could accidentally cut yourself and bleed to death. Not knowing what could be going on with your body is scary. You’d have to live with that fear and anxiety forever. Pain is an amazing gift in this sense.

Likewise, if the country has a fundamental problem, we should know about it. Urban liberals cannot feel the pain because we are so removed from where the pain is manifesting. Trump made the illness glaringly obvious, yet, the liberals are still trying to resume where they left off with Obama. “Thank god, we removed the cyst,” is what Democrats would be saying if Biden wins.

Even if we remove the great cyst, more symptoms will keep popping up. It would only be a temporary relief. Biden and his elite friends will continue to conceal the symptoms to ensure that the rich can get richer. All they have to do to achieve it is to distract urban educated elites by showing how well they are fighting racism and sexism.