Thermos That Changed My Life

Food for Thought

My friend Warner suggested that we drink tea on a park bench. He brought his little thermos with him. I carefully carried an open cup. It was a pain, and this recycled, compostable paper cup tainted the flavor of my fancy green tea from Fujian, China. I was convinced then that I need to get a portable thermos.

When I got back from our tea party, I received a link from Warner to his “Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug, 12-Ounce, Cinnamon Gold.” I picked a different color, but it turns out that the color wasn’t the only difference. He said his version was coated inside to prevent the stainless steel from tainting the flavor of the tea. He scolded me for not simply clicking “Buy Now” on the link he sent. I canceled my order and did as I was told.

I explained that I picked a different color because I didn’t want us to look like a gay couple. Furthermore, if our thermoses were identical, we would have to label them with our names, “Dyske” and “Warner,” which would look even gayer. Don’t get me wrong; I just don’t want us to look like a couple of any kind.

Warner explained that what makes it exceptional is that it can be operated with one hand. You press this button, and the lid pops open and locks in place so that it wouldn’t flop on your face. It even has a lock so that it would not open accidentally in your bag, and this lock, too, can be used with one hand.

If you are walking outside, at least one of your hands will be occupied with something at some point, like a shopping bag, dog leash, or phone. If your thermos requires both hands to open, you can’t walk and drink, especially if you have to put the lid away. Zojirushi model SM-SA36-NM redefines drinking in the same way Sony Walkman redefined music-listening.

Warner also points out that, with SM-SA36-NM, you do not need a side table; just close the lid and put it down on your bed. I can check Instagram with one hand and drink with the other. With other thermoses, you would have to put your phone down first to put the lid back on.

It is very rare to come across something so exceptionally designed that it transforms your life.

In case you are wondering, this is not a sponsored post.