A Typical COVID Day

Food for Thought

Last Sunday, my kid and I paid a visit to the nearest CityMD to get an antibody test for COVID-19. Since it’s close and free, I figured why not. That was the first time we ventured beyond the few blocks from our home since the lockdown. Delancey Street was bustling like it’s 2019. I guess the weather was too nice.

Today, the result came back negative for both of us. Now, I’m wondering what those symptoms were from. They couldn’t be seasonal allergy since I had a fever for several days, and my allergy pills didn’t have any effect. If it’s the flu, it’s a weird one since I was never congested and didn’t produce any phlegm; just chest pain and dry cough. It would have been nice if it was the corona since it was a mild experience.

But, in some ways, it makes sense that it wasn’t the corona as I was very cautious since the beginning of March. And, as Asians in NYC have the lowest infection rate of all races, I would have been one of the few B+ Asians who caught the virus.

Another good thing is that I can now tell my neighbors that I didn’t have it after all. I had been telling everyone in my building about my symptoms. So, they’ve been staying 6 yards (not feet) apart from me, like I’m the plague itself.

Today, I baked some baguettes in the background as I worked. Since I had the oven blasting at the highest temperature, my wife escaped to the bedroom to turn on the A/C.

Later, I had my kid cut my hair because it was growing out of control like weeds in an abandoned yard. This was her first time cutting hair. I figured the worst that could happen is that the cashiers at my supermarket would laugh at me. By now, they must be used to seeing ridiculous haircuts. As long as it looks decent from the front, it’s no big deal, because nobody would see the sides or the back on Zoom conference. I haven’t bothered to look at the back myself. I only exist in a two-dimensional space anyway. She seemed to have fun cutting it, laughing uncontrollably through the whole exercise. I don’t know about the looks, but my back feels great now. The mullet was blocking the airflow before.

Many years from now, I have a feeling, I would remember today as a typical COVID day.