August 1, 2018

Food for Thought

Among all the flavors of mochi, my favorite is the green one. It’s called “kusa-mochi”. The “kusa” is what gives it the color and distinct flavor. I actually didn’t know what exactly kusa is. I figured it’s an herb only found in Japan because I’ve never tasted that flavor in anything else. Since I buy green mochi a lot, I figured I should figure out how to make it myself even though it would probably be difficult to find a store that carries this “kusa”. I researched and found that it’s mugwort. I still didn’t know what mugwort is. A friend of mine then told me that it’s growing everywhere. Sure enough, I found a bunch in the vacant lot next door. I boiled it and confirmed that it has the same flavor. But I abandoned the project because I don’t want to risk consuming rat poison! #nyceats #nycfoodie #japanesefood #mochi #mugwort #sweets #glutenfree #草餅