August 14, 2018

Food for Thought

A Taiwanese friend of mine @urbanfarmer1 gave me the bitter melons her father grew in his garden in California. (Swipe to see them before cooked.) She also gave me some high-end fermented black beans. So, this is a simple dish of bitter melons and shrimps cooked with the beans and garlic. These green creatures were quite bitter but they paired well with the sweetness of the shrimps (plus a bit of sugar added). I love bitter-sweetness like chocolate, so this was very satisfying but it’s not for everyone. I bet most restaurants wouldn’t go this far. Unlike the spiciness, they are not used to asking, “How bitter do you want it?” My trusty Instagram friend @kinrealestate could perhaps explain the medicinal benefits of bitter melons. #bittermelon #shrimp #chinesefood #nyceats #homecooking #glutenfree