September 2, 2018

Food for Thought

“You can’t have cake and eat it too” is an expression I’ve always found intriguing. When I first heard it, I couldn’t understand it because eating can also be a form of “having” like “I’ll have pizza for dinner.” If you ate cake, you essentially have it in your stomach. But this expression is referring to egotistical possession. Cake, if it hasn’t been eaten, possesses the power to fulfill your desire. In fact, not only your desire but those of others too. This power is what we cannot have if we eat it.

Pictured above is a bag of “Millet Fry” my sister @jjandlupo sent me from Japan. It’s made locally in her region (Nagoya). In spite of the name, no millet was involved in the production of these “biscuits” but they were indeed fried. According to Wikipedia, nobody knows where the “millet” part of the name came from. They are somewhere between cookies and crackers—sweet and salty. So, imagine sweeter Ritz crackers deep fried. They are addictive; I ended up eating the whole bag in one session.

Since I can’t just go get another bag, the cake expression popped into my head

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