September 3, 2018

Food for Thought

Several years ago, I went to both Manhattan Chinatown and Flushing to buy a bunch of different moon cakes to compare. The winner in my opinion was the freshly made one from Golden Fung Wong Bakery in Chinatown. But this one pictured above belongs to a class of its own. It’s not only the most visually beautiful one (how do they get those sharp edges out of the mold?) but also the best tasting.

Because moon cakes are dense, rich, and sweet, I normally can only eat about a quarter of one in one session even with tea. This one, I could eat the whole thing.

I bought it from @letsmakannyc in Chinatown. They are selling in boxes of 4 but they let me buy one individually. $8 each. I should go back and get more before they sell out. I bought the one from the red box.

As you can see (swipe), inside is green. The filling is lotus seed colored with pandan, not green tea. This is a Malaysian variation of moon cake

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