September 10, 2018

Food for Thought

Queens Taco Crawl - Part 2. This is the second location recommended by @foodandfootprints. Again, in the back of a grocery store. They only had one table that seats 4 people, and in front of it was a big TV. I would imagine that watching the World Cup here was a lot of fun.

Somewhat surreal was the fact that they were playing the very video we had watched earlier in the day on YouTube where @foodandfootprints were showing around the best taco places in Queens. We were watching the very reason we were eating their tacos.

It’s pretty impressive how we humans collectively fill any gaps or niches as they emerge. Ultimately, this is what entrepreneurism is. People who don’t just conform to the norm and can think critically about the holes nobody is filling, match their talents with these holes. This is how we evolve and make progress.

When someone starts doing something great, a gap emerges that needs to be filled by someone like @foodandfootprints who springs into action, as if to say, “Hey, I have what it takes to fill that hole!” Each of us can fill only a small hole, but filling holes is what gives meaning to what we do. Simply occupying the hole someone else vacated isn’t as satisfying

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