October 18, 2018

Food for Thought

Bao and Friendship. This bar serves Korean food like bao sandwiches and crispy fried chicken. It’s a perfect place to have a one-on-one conversation with your good friend. It’s an intimate, quiet space with a curious selection of drinks and the food that pairs well with them. The attentive waiter left us alone after our dinner.

@mannykivowitz and I go way back, to the late 90s, when he invested in building a nonlinear video editing system with a tower of RAID drives that could hold a whopping 500MB. We decided to collaborate on building a broadcast design business. Back then, motion graphics was a Wild West. Desktop computers had democratized the whole industry and opened up a sea of possibilities. All those title effects that anyone can now apply to a text with a click had to be invented and manually animated.

There was no price expectation in the market either because every little title animation previously had to be created on a million dollar machine. Any price was acceptable. I got to know the Madison Avenue world through working on a bunch of TV commercials. Ever since, Manny and I have worked together in one form or another. It’s been a wild ride.

Some people tend to separate their work life from private life, business associates from personal friends, and this is often seen as the ideal model of friendship, but if there are no opportunities to stress-test the relationship, how would we ever get to know each other for real? Many marriages fall apart after they have kids because stress exposes our true colors. If we are afraid of showing our true colors, we can’t make real friends. I think working together is a great way to forge lasting friendships.

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