October 21, 2018

Food for Thought

More observations from the database of NYC Department of Health. (See my previous posts.) Here are ten most popular types of restaurants in each borough. “American” is by far the most popular category across all boroughs, so, we can ignore it. Manhattan is somewhat predictable. Because the rent is high and people are on-the-go, coffee shops are quite popular. Italian and Chinese are also predictable in that those are the most popular cuisines nationally. I’m surprised to see Japanese ahead of Pizza—Is that possible?! And, Japanese is also ahead of Mexican! New Yorkers apparently love Japanese food.

In Queens, you do not see Italian, French, or Japanese in the top 10. Its reputation for being diverse holds true. Certainly the best borough for Korean food.

Brooklyn is somewhat similar to Manhattan but Caribbean and Jewish/Kosher climb into the list.

In the Bronx, “Chicken” as a category makes it to the list.

Staten Island looks like the rest of America. Chinese, Italian, and Mexican are the three most popular cuisines nationwide. Donuts, Ice Cream, and Hamburgers are super mainstream too. The only exception is Japanese.

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