November 11, 2018

Food for Thought

Battle of the Croissants. Here are my latest contenders.

Top Left: L’imprimerie, 1524 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn ($3.50

op Right: Arcade Bakery, 220 Church St, Manhattan ($3.00

ottom Left: Breads Bakery, 18 E 16th St, Manhattan ($3.50

ottom Right: LW African Market, 3394 Third Ave, Bronx ($1.00)

A little digression. My daughter grew up in the “progressive” environment where competitions were shunned. If one were to take place, everyone was declared the winner. This irritated me because the underlying assumption was that our kids were too fragile to handle the pain of losing.

Anyhow, back to the croissants. I had many other croissants recently, but I didn’t include them here because they didn’t meet my baseline qualifications. These four were all nice and crispy outside and soft and chewy inside. I love how different they look.

ne of them, you might have noticed, is a peculiar entry into this competition. It’s from the Bronx and it’s only $1. I came across it today while crawling the Bronx for African cuisines with Instagram friends. In the back of this small African grocery store, there is a bakery selling fresh-baked croissants, only croissants. They had three different kinds: chocolate, “French,” and regular. The pictured above is the “French” version. I wonder why they feel the need to make two different kinds of plain croissants. @eatingintranslation who introduced me to this place explained to me that this store is Guinean and that croissants are popular in Guinea because it was a French colony.

I’m sure you are eager to hear who the winner is: Well, it’s everyone.

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