November 11, 2018

Food for Thought

This Irish restaurant has been at this location for as long as I can remember but I had never been there until today. I discovered in the App Store that this restaurant has a special app that I can use to place an order in advance. What an idea! I had to try it. When I arrived there, I saw my order number on their TV monitor and was able to pick it up immediately. This app gave me an immense feeling of power over the future which is becoming increasingly uncertain. I have no idea where humanity is headed in the next five years, but at least I know where my sandwich is in the next five minutes. I would love to see a feature on this app that allows me to see a video footage of the parallel universe where I’m still waiting in line.

Enough about the app. Now on to the food. I got a disk of ground meat sandwiched in a round bread called “Hamburger” and deep-fried, julienned potato. The former sounds German but I would assume it originated in Ireland. If anyone knows why it has a German name, let me know. Swipe to see the meat disc. The deep-fried potato strips remind me of freedom fries, taste rather similar too. Together they cost me only $2.99 thanks to the cheap Irish immigrant workers. This is a great thing about ethnic food in New York City.

This restaurant is open 24 hours, so, if you happen to be in this area after a long night of bar hopping, I recommend using the app to save five minutes.

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