November 26, 2018

Food for Thought

I don’t like vacations. For relaxing, home is the best place for me. I don’t like traveling either because I can only scratch the surface of what I see. It’s annoying to me; it just makes me feel itchy. I prefer to keep digging the same place. The greatest benefit of New York City is that you can travel around the world on the subway. No need for expensive airline tickets or hotels. I can keep going back to the same place over and over to dig deeper. Even then, ultimately, all that you can do is to scratch the surface because, for every culture you randomly choose, there is a bottomless pit of things you can learn with a swipe of a Metrocard.

Today, I traveled to Elmhurst, Queens, one of my favorite destinations. I wanted to try the Malaysian food at Little House Cafe. I’ve been meaning to go there for a long time. It took me about an hour to get there but I also enjoy the traveling time. Some of my friends who live in New Jersey, Long Island, or upstate say the same thing about their daily commutes to Manhattan; they like the fact that they cannot be disturbed for those few hours. They spend quality time with themselves. I listen to podcasts while traveling. I give my eyes a break from staring at the computer monitor. Also, I find that listening is a different learning experience from reading. It’s like the difference between running and lifting weights; they work out different parts of my brains.

Little House Cafe is a perfect destination for a solitary walker. Compared to Manhattan restaurants, it’s spacious, and the atmosphere is laid back. There is nothing that would make you feel self-conscious. The coconut curry noodle warmed me up immediately. I also bought their “ang ku” to go (swipe to see). It’s a mochi filled with green beans. The flavor was very familiar to me. It’s like Japanese kashiwa mochi かしわ餅

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