November 27, 2018

Food for Thought

In 1995, most people did not have access to the Internet. This cafe on Avenue A was called “” Do you kids (40 or younger) even know what “alt dot” means? Google it if you don’t.

In the early 90s, nothing was “on demand.” Things just happened to you; you didn’t make them happen. The shows came on TV; you didn’t put them on. Your friends just buzzed your door unannounced (or yelled up at your window to throw the key down). You organized your life in such a way that you could accommodate these things happening unplanned. I wouldn’t even use the word “unexpectedly” because we couldn’t even expect them. Things just happened. The philosophy of I-Ching was naturally built into our lives. Life unfolded in front of our eyes like watching a movie full of twists and turns.

The problem with writing your own movie is that you already know what’s going to happen. Just look at your Google Calendar; the plot is already outlined for the foreseeable future. Nothing happens beyond your own limited imaginations.

Today, not only you plan everything in advance but also optimize your plans for the maximum productivity and efficiency. You leave nothing to chance. Your life proceeds just as you wrote it.

Planning to meet with your friends is nearly impossible these days because everyone has their lives written down far in advance. Nothing happens spontaneously. You can’t even call anyone without first making a plan to talk on the phone via email first.

If you told the cook exactly what you want and how you want it cooked every time you went to a restaurant, you would miss a whole world of food outside of your imagination. You can’t live a “full life” that way.

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