December 15, 2018

Food for Thought

Foam works great to suppress fire but it’s highly toxic, taking more than 200 years to completely break down. There is a new type of firefighting foam called FHF developed by ITMO University in St. Petersburg, Russia which is nontoxic, fast-hardening and fully biodegradable. FHF is a technological breakthrough. It has been proven to work well in preventing houses from burning down in wildfires. Firefighters can preemptively cover the houses with this foam along the path of the fire.

Last weekend, when I came home from my friend’s birthday party, I found this gingerbread house on the coffee table that my daughter made, apparently to celebrate this new innovation by the Russians. To effectively protect the house, it should be completely covered with the foam but it’s the thought that counts. The smiling homeowner is a nice touch too.

A few days later, when her mother told her to trash the house, I decided to cut them into small cubes and make a bread pudding (swipe). It came out quite good. And, of course, I topped it with foam again.

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