February 13, 2019

Food for Thought

Imagine a world where you can make things at home and sell them on the street, and make a decent living. It doesn’t have to be just food. Say, you knit sweaters. You make ceramics or jewelry. You wouldn’t have to worry about losing your jobs as long as you know how to make things well.

It’s impossible today because machines make them at a fraction of the cost that we would need to charge to make a decent living. We eliminated the possibility of that life with industrialization.

Today, most of us have desk jobs, staring at our computers all day long. We never make anything with our hands. The industrial revolution presumably freed us from having to make anything by hand but we, in fact, crave the experience of making something we care about by hand. Forget about getting paid, today, we have to pay to do it.

So much of our effort to “improve” the world is actually making our lives more difficult and less enjoyable, because we don’t understand what makes us happy. We foolishly assume that efficiency, productivity, and money will.

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