Something Over Rice

Food for Thought @ Hua Ji Pork Chop Fast Food

This is “Shanghai Over Rice.” When I ordered it, I had no idea what “Shanghai” was that would be on top of my rice. Sure, I could have asked but at Chinese restaurants that primarily serve Chinese customers, if I asked any question in English, I’m afraid they would just yell “Next!” (in Chinese) like the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld. When the dish arrived, I was even more puzzled. Why is this called “Shanghai”? I wonder if Shanghainese people approve of this. I have a feeling that someone just made it up based on his impression of Shanghai.

If you know why it’s called “Shanghai,” let me know. By the way, it was good.

If you were to create a dish called “New York Over Rice,” what would you put on it? Pastrami Over Rice? I guess “Philly Over Rice” would be cheesesteak over rice, which would work well. “Boston Over Rice” could work well too: Clam Chowder Over Rice. “LA Over Rice” just makes me imagine dark smog over rice, but “California Over Rice” is essentially a California roll in a bowl. Likewise, “San Francisco Over Rice” is essentially a Mission burrito bowl.

But, if “New York Over Rice” was served in China, I would imagine that Chinese people would have no idea why it’s called “New York.” And, ideally, the man behind the counter would have a New York attitude, so that everyone would be afraid to ask what “New York” is.