Chinese Bus Drivers

Food for Thought @ Hua Ji Pork Chop Fast Food

Every Chinese restaurant that serves Chinese people has a different story. Not only that it may serve people from a specific region in China but also a specific type of workers. This one appears to serve people who are working for or traveling via the long-distance bus services in this area. The bus parked in front of it was heading to Alabama. I looked up on Google Maps how long the ride would be: over 16 hours. And, that’s assuming nonstop. If they are to make a few stops, it would probably end up being 18 to 20 hours. Hopefully, there is a lot of singing on the bus.

When my daughter was in primary school, the father of one of her schoolmates was a driver for one of these buses. He fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the back of a trailer truck. He was instantly killed along with some passengers. It was tragic. I hope the kid is doing fine now.

The odd thing about this restaurant is that you need to go into the store on the right to order and then come out again and go into the left one to wait for your food. I was about to step into the wrong side when an old Chinese man told me what the deal was.

I ordered pork chop over rice with some sort of preserved vegetable and minced pork. It’s actually quite good. Only seven dollars.