DYSKEAs far back as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with logically understanding the world around me. Until I find a satisfactory explanation for why something is the way it is, I can’t sleep well at night. Ultimately this is all driven by fear. Whatever explanation I come up with is a temporary measure to calm myself down, that is, it’s a fictional tale. In my view, one can appreciate the true value of theory only if one realizes its fundamentally fictional nature. As with anything fictional, there is art to telling a theory. That is what I strive to do on this website.

This does not mean that everything presented on this website is completely made up. They are based on what we all perceive as “facts” and “truths”. The only difference is that I accept these “facts” and “truths” to be fundamentally indeterminate, which allows me to enjoy theories as a form of art or even entertainment.

I do not have any predetermined schedule for publishing new materials on this site. I write whenever I feel compelled to, and I write about things that most people around me do not find interesting. The Web is a perfect place to share them, because there is always someone somewhere in this world who is thinking about the same things I am.

If you are one of these people, and if you have something you want to share on this site, please email it to me.

About me: My name is Dyske Suematsu. I was born in Japan and moved to the United States when I was 16. I studied fine arts at School of Visual Arts in New York City, and have worked in a variety of industries including banking, film/video production, broadcast design, and website development. I’m now a co-founder of a startup, Cliqk, based in New York City. I’m the creator of where you can test your ability to distinguish Chinese, Japanese, and Korean faces. I’m also the creator of where you can debate about the grey areas of English language.

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