For me, one of the most memorable clips in the documentary “I’m Not Your Negro” was the following:

“My estimate of the Kennedy administration, part of my estimate of the Kennedy administration, is that, first of all, the Kennedy brothers, like almost all the white Americans, even with the best will in the world, know very little — in fact, I would hazard, until recently, virtually nothing about what we like to call the Negro problem... Read »

I don’t think I’ve ever had new year’s resolutions, but my conversation with my friend today compelled me to define them. We were talking about how difficult it is for most artists to compose a cohesive whole from parts. That final step requires something more than just creativity. Read »

The expression “politically correct” has negative connotations. Why? Because a politically correct argument is logically correct without sufficiently matching the reality. In every instance, there is a degree of hypocrisy in it. Read »

Watching this documentary, “The Shock Doctrine”, what struck me as the greatest problem is how much I don’t know, and how it is not possible for us to know everything in order to make right decisions that are fair and just for all. All of us cannot spend full time learning what’s happening in this world like Naomi Klein does. Doing our best isn’t good enough to arrive at the correct answer because the world is a highly complex, ever-changing organism. Even Klein herself cannot have the right answer for everything. If each of us were responsible for having the right answer for every issue, we would all have to spend every waking moment learning about what’s happening in the world and how everything works. Read »

Facebook is now under criticism for not blocking fake news sites, but this is a relatively minor problem compared to another problem that the platform inadvertently caused. What happened was similar to how a mob of cops behaves when one starts shooting; everyone panics and starts shooting also. The escalating fear fuels more bullets. And, when they finally run out of the bullets, and after the smoke clears up, they realize that they were just shooting at each other. I have a theory why this happens on Facebook and how we could potentially prevent it. Read »

Vote to win or vote for what you believe in? That is the question we can now revisit. People who voted for third party candidates were harshly criticized and ridiculed. Sanders' supporters were mocked and dismissed as "Bernie bros" because he was regarded at the time as not electable. Read »

This may ease your mind if you are worried about what Trump might do. This occurred to me while I was chatting with a room full of psychoanalysts. They were all very worried about Trump. I noticed at one point that they were taking everything Trump said quite seriously. What may be going on here is that some people are not used to how entrepreneurs talk. Read »

Now that Hillary Clinton conceded, let’s seriously look at the apocalypse she predicted. Firstly, a sexual predator as president. We already had one, Bill Clinton. I think we had about an equal number of women come forward to accuse them of sexual misconduct. If it was not apocalypse then, it’s not now. Read »

Trump supporters are like the third-class passengers on the lower deck of the RMS Titanic. They see the water leaking into the ship, so they are panicking. But the upper deck passengers, or the educated liberals in the urban areas, are oblivious to it. They are aware of the commotion in the lower deck but haven’t bothered to look into what it’s all about. Meanwhile, they are still debating among themselves whether the ship should turn left or right. Read »

The key takeaway from "Switched On" by John Elder Robison for me was that sympathy and empathy can contradict one another, although these two words are often used synonymously. Read »

With the rise of Donald Trump, there is now a growing concern about racism in the US. Vox has an interesting theory on the topic. They analyzed the recent data and argued that economic hardship does not explain Trump's popularity and the rise of racist sentiments. They are proposing that it's the other way around; that is, it's racism that is causing them to believe that they are experiencing economic hardship. Flipping them implies that racism has no cause. They are not looking for a different cause; they believe racism is the origin of the problem. In other words, some people are innately racist (like they are born racist) and Obama's presidency awoke their latent racist drive. Read »

Recently, one of my clients asked me to use less email and talk more on the phone or face to face. No Basecamp. No Slack. Just good ol' fashion phone or meeting. In this day and age when it is considered rude to call someone without first making an appointment through email, this was an interesting challenge. So I embraced the challenge to see what I would learn from this experience. Read »

“The question of what Donald Trump ‘really believes’ has no answer” is an interesting analysis, but I disagree with his conclusion. I think contrasting him with Hillary Clinton would shed further light on his theory. I think ALL politicians use words to DO things. That is an essential ingredient to make a politician. In the leaked emails of Clinton, she spoke about her “public” and “private” positions. The point she is trying to make is that what matters is achieving a particular end, so the means by which to achieve it is secondary. This is how all politicians operate, including Lincoln as she noted. Read »

Here is what I think is happening in this country, and why so many people are indeed voting for Trump. Most people are generous and tolerant of others as long as they are happy themselves and can afford to be so. In France, for instance, we are now witnessing blatant discrimination against Muslims. Their prejudice did not surface until recently with all the terrorist attacks, because France was peaceful enough and people were happy enough. Whenever we are happy ourselves we can afford to point our fingers at others and call them bigots and racists so we can feel good about ourselves. Read »

In the US, we have reached a point where every election is about voting for the lesser of two evils. We keep complaining about this situation but do nothing about it, either because we feel hopeless, or because we lack imagination. Read »

A lot of people seem to be un-friending Trump supporters on Facebook and keep complaining about Trump. Who are they exactly complaining to? This is a symptom of the troubling state of our democracy. The most urgent issue at stake is our political system itself. It's too outdated to address our modern problems. It needs an upgrade. Who we vote for is secondary to this problem. Read »

I woke up at 8:05am even though I had an appointment to see my friend Robert at 9 in the West Village. I quickly analyzed the likelihood of being able to get there in time. I needed to take a shower, get dressed, walk the dog, and get on the subway. On weekends (actually, today is Labor Day) the subway is unreliable, so I concluded that it's highly unlikely that I could get there in time. I emailed Robert to let him know that I was going to be late by about half an hour. Read »

Yesterday, my wife and I took our kid to an amusement park. We were with two other families who are more impulsive and happy-go-lucky than I am. They wanted to play on the beach first and then go to the amusement park later. I was concerned that it might start raining later. And if so, I figured, it would be better for us to go to the amusement park first, and then to the beach. I’m a control-freak, so I used my hyper-local weather app to check the probability of rain. It looked almost certain that it will rain later. As soon as I made my prediction, the weather became a lingering thought in my head. After the beach, the other families went on enjoying the amusement park despite the fact that ominous clouds were forming above us. I kept looking up and sure enough, it started raining. But fortunately, it drizzled for a while, so our kids were able to enjoy most of the rides. Towards the end, however, the rain became heavier. My wife and I had umbrellas, but the other families did not. They were getting soaked, but it didn’t seem to stop them from having fun. We decided to go home. They went off to get hot dogs with their clothes drenched in the rain. Read »

The younger generations are generally savvier with the written forms of communication like texting, email, and social media, because they grew up with them. The older generations had to learn them as their second language. I'm wondering: Are the younger generations better at avoiding miscommunication when they use these digital mediums? Read »

My father often talks about death and dying. He jokes about it a lot with my daughter; like he might not be around when she visits him next time. Well, I've been the same way. The idea of death has been one of my favorite topics. I've read many books and articles on the topic, like "The Denial of Death" by Ernest Becker. I recently had the opportunity to spend two and half weeks with my parents, and what was interesting about observing my dad was that I could see, more objectively, my own attitude about death in him. Read »

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