Artistic Compulsion

Most fine artists are tied to certain identifiable aspects of their work, and the artistic relevance of these trademarks becomes less important than sustaining of the momentum of their careers. Many of them become employees of their own business, and end up hating what they do, just like the ordinary working class people. “Fine Art” is a business like any other business. Their customers are rich collectors who need to buy status symbols. Somebody has to supply them.

Most people stop doing their art once they reach a certain age and realize that they are never going to be successful, even though in their younger days, they would have steadfastly denied that they are doing it for fame or money. With age, the true motives are revealed. People who were born to be artists or musicians do not have that choice. They have uncontrollable compulsions to create art or play music. They may not even like the idea of being an artist or musician. In a way, they are cursed because giving up art would lead to even more unhappiness.

I’m not trying to romanticize art here. These people who were born to be artists or musicians do not necessarily create better art. Some people just have certain compulsions that they cannot control.