When you try to exist fairly in this world, you have to be assertive to some degree. In fact, it is unfair for you not to have your own share of assertiveness. It’s like people who never ask for anything but like to be asked for things. Or, people who feel comfortable helping others but feel uncomfortable accepting help. One time I was reading something and came across someone who said, “Shy people are selfish.” It’s true; it take courage to assert what you want, to accept help from others, to rely/depend on others. We all have to do our fair share of it. Not being clear about what you want is selfish. Being assertive, claiming a fair share of your right to exist is not selfish. As I said before, every living creature on this earth must kill other life forms in order to exist. It is not selfish to do so because it is only fair. We just have to accept our own death when it is our turn to go.