Process and Passion

I’m beginning to understand and sympathize with people who say they cannot take a job that is too close in nature to what they love. It’s like being a prostitute where having sex is your job, what you get paid for. Logically speaking, shouldn’t that be the best job in the world? You are getting paid for what you love to do. In fact, most people have to pay to have sex. But if you think about it carefully enough, it becomes clear that it’s not the physical process of sex that we love. We have to be able to feel passionate about the person we are having sex with, whether that passion is for her physical beauty or her personality is a secondary issue. What/how we feel about that person is what drives us to want to have sex with that person. In the same way, writing, designing, or photographing as a process is not what we are after. Just because we can get paid for going through these processes called “writing”, “design”, or “photography”, doesn’t mean it’s in any way fulfilling or satisfying.