Ambitions of Commercial Artists

Some commercial photographers, cinematographers, and designers think that fine art is just at the far end of the same path they are taking. In other words, if they keep pushing what they do, they think they would some day become successful fine artists. They do not see the fundamental difference between the two fields. What they often do is try to find a way to monetize the style of photography/design that they like, hoping that they could eventually finance what they do without advertisers. They see advertisers as a means to help kick-start their fine art careers. Postmodern art is no longer concerned with stylistic issues because a style is just a tool. Fine artists don’t even need to master any particular style. They can just hire someone who can create that style for them if a particular visual style is necessary for their idea. In that sense, fine artists have more in common with the advertising agencies than they have with the designers, illustrators, and photographers they hire. These commercial artists, no matter how talented they are, are just tools.