Truth About Santa

The real truth about Santa is that he skips a home if there is anyone (even one) non-believer including adults. So, he actually skips the vast majority of homes. This started happening around 1800 during the Industrial Revolution. Most people did not mean to stop believing in Santa; it was an unintended consequence of stopping to believe in Jesus Christ. They didn’t realize that rejection of Jesus meant rejection of Santa Claus. Santa stopped coming to their homes, and once Santa skips a home, he never returns to that home. The children were devastated, so the parents fabricated this story that Santa had never actually existed, and that it had always been the parents who sneaked the gifts into the socks at night. As this story was passed on over many generations, people forgot that this story was originally fabricated to deal with crying children. Now, most people assume that Santa is not real because Santa has not visited their families for many generations. What they do not realize is that Santa still visits a very small number of homes where everyone, including the parents and their ancestors, believe(d) in him. They don’t need to sneak any presents into socks at night (they don’t even need to do any Christmas shopping). So if you think Santa is not real, you should trace back your family history and find out who was responsible for the end of Santa in your family.