Off to Japan

Food for Thought

I’m off to Japan. My primary mission is to spend some quality time with my dad, who is not doing well (he keeps falling and bruising his face). I’ll be a “digital nomad” for the next two months. I’ve always told my friends that I could work from anywhere, but I’ve never bothered to take advantage of it. Because of my autistic personality, I hate breaking routines. Let’s see how I can adapt to being a nomad.

My secondary mission is food, but since plenty of food bloggers are reporting the restaurant scene, I’ll focus on home cooking, or rather, how ordinary Japanese people eat at home—showcasing what’s available at supermarkets, including precooked meals. Being single is apparently hip in Japan these days, so there are many food products packaged for singles. I think there will be some ideas that New Yorkers could use.

I’m particularly interested in tsukemono, Japanese pickles, which is a fundamental part of Japanese cuisine but practically unknown in the rest of the world. I’ll start a separate account to keep track of my research. I’ll let you know when that’s up.

Right now, I’m flying over Canada, only about a quarter of the way to Tokyo. Hopefully, we’ll stay clear of the Russian air space.