Dating Advice

Food for Thought

Alex asked for dating advice. I didn’t offer one because I know nothing about dating, especially in today’s online dating environment. I’m often criticized for sounding authoritative when I have no credentials. I do this when something makes logical sense. If someone asks what 2+3 is, I will respond with an authoritative tone, even though I’m not a mathematician. You need someone credible only when you don’t understand the logic. So, even though I have no expertise in dating, I will speak with an authoritative voice.

If you are a politician looking to win as many votes as possible, there are certain things you should say and certain ways you should behave. For instance, you probably should act confidently since most people like confidence.

But remember, dating is a game of quality, not quantity, and it’s an extreme one at that. For many people, the ideal number of lifetime partners is one. The point is not to be attractive to as many people as possible but to find one who happens to love the way you are. Just one. Think about that. Even if a million people love you, you have no use for 999,999 of them. So, what would be the point of attracting so many?

In an interview, a female porn director pointed out that if you search on a porn site for whatever trait you hate about yourself (e.g. fat, big nose, hairy, shy, etc.), you’ll realize that there are people who are turned on by it.

Any prescriptions like wear this, do this, change this, talk like this, are all misguided. Wrong. It makes no sense. If you are not naturally doing these things, why bother changing them when there are people who love the way you naturally act?

The other day, I was watching the new YouTube channel by Martin Shkreli, the so-called “Pharma Bro” or “most hated man” who jacked up the price of a life-saving drug 50-fold. I noticed that a lot of people love him. The reality is that, no matter how badly you behave, someone will love you for it. It’s not possible to be hated by everyone universally, even if you tried.

Here is my dating advice: Don’t bother changing yourself. If you are an insecure man, some domineering women will love you for it.