Ice Cream Mission

Food for Thought

Our rescue dog, Lucita, is from Puerto Rico, so one would think she is used to hot weather, but she hates it. My kid, @annika_nyc, was bored and wanted to step out for ice cream. The nearest ice cream store, Whipped Urban Dessert Lab, is a 15-minute walk, short enough for our short-legged family member. Once we got there, we realized our mistake; there was a long line of people who had the same idea, waiting along the velvet rope like a nightclub.

The next closest was ten minutes away. Lucita didn’t look so happy about that prospect. She was panting fast. Imagine wearing a fur coat on a hot, humid day like today.

But, my kid was determined to reach il laboratorio del gelato for this expedition. Orchard Street was jammed with people drinking, smoking, eating, and laughing. Being so low to the ground, Lucita must see nothing but countless human legs.

I told Annika that there would be a long line for laboratorio too, as getting ice cream is the most unoriginal idea tonight. She told me to shut up because she hates being proven wrong by me. Sure enough, the line was just as long.

We then headed to Van Leeuwen on the same block. There was a line but shorter. I told her to go in. I texted my order to her: oat milk ice cream with churros and mango lassi. It turns out that they don’t take cash, so I had to switch places to pay. I got a cup of ice water for Lucita. She guzzled it.

I noticed this woman looking at Annika and then me, and back and forth a few more times. She then gave me a look of disgust. She must have thought Annika was my girlfriend. This happens a lot. Some of our neighbors have told me that they thought I was having an affair. What compounds this problem is that she gives off a very mature vibe. At restaurants, waiters often bring her a wine glass even though she is only 16.

On the way back, Lucita had enough of marching through the urban sauna. She slowed down and eventually stopped moving. I had to carry her the rest of the way. She looked psychotic. Annika took a bunch of photos, cracking up all the way home. I held Lucita up against the A/C, and in short order, she was back to her usual self.