Native New Yorker Appreciation Day

Food for Thought

I think there should be a native New Yorker appreciation day in NYC. They are underappreciated. They truly understand diversity, especially those who attended public schools. They live and breathe it. For suburban idiots, diversity is just a buzzword. They learned in school that diversity is a wonderful thing that fosters creativity, but that is only one side of the coin. Schools don’t teach you what’s on the other side.

It’s no coincidence that Japan is a safe country with hardly any violent crimes or lawsuits. Diversity means a lot of conflicts. You’ll see if you attend any PTA meetings at a public school in NYC. Diversity of values and opinions means intense confrontations, but that’s where creative solutions arise because creativity is about making unexpected connections between disparate ideas. The white parents who flee to private schools cannot see that these are two sides of the same coin. To love diversity means to love confrontations. That’s one of the things native New Yorkers are good at.

In the suburban high school in California, I was not just ignored but picked on. When I moved to NYC, I was surprised by how many people accepted me as a familiar character. I wasn’t just a foreigner; I’m generally strange too. For them to find me familiar is an impressive feat. The people who actively sought my friendship were consistently native New Yorkers, including my first wife and current wife.

It wasn’t because they were Japanophiles. Ironically, my first wife became a Japanophile after she left me. She had no interest in Japan when I met her. To the native New Yorkers I met, I was just another guy, not a Japanese guy. My daughter also breathes diversity like air.

Sometimes I feel bad for native New Yorkers because they learned to cope with the intensity of diversity by making racist jokes. The suburban woke idiots who never had to cope with it are appalled to hear them and quickly call them racist because they love to prove they are not racist.

But I’m ultimately one of the idiots too. I cannot do what my daughter does naturally. Just because you are a person of color doesn’t mean diversity is part of your DNA. Kudos to native New Yorkers.