August 21, 2018

Food for Thought

After hearing about it for a while, I finally decided to hop on the train to try out the Indonesian desserts from @hellomoonman at the Queens Night Market. These are (from the front) coconut pancake, steamed pandan cake, and baked cassava cake. I loved the pancake so much that I bought 3 more to go. I heated them in a frying pan (covered) the next morning for breakfast and they were still delicious.

I see a lot of potential for this pancake since it’s gluten-free. My wife is gluten-free, so I’m aware of the frustrations associated with that restriction. These coconut pancakes would make regular pancake eaters jealous because it’s more flavorful. I’d love to see them sold at grocery stores since it would be a versatile base for all sorts of toppings, sweet and savory. It would also be handy for making sandwiches like gluten-free burgers. I’ve made rice burgers for my wife before but it’s not easy.

They will have a permanent store in the up-coming food court @themarketline in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Swipe for the Moonman himself in action

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