September 12, 2018

Food for Thought

I pigged out on sweets (flan, tres leches, and passion fruit mousse) at this Colombian bakery but the most interesting item I had was this oatmeal drink. It was thick like Elmer’s glue. I found some recipes for “avena oatmeal drink,” so I’m going to try making it myself.

An interesting thing about drinks is that we all tend to consume the same types of drink repeatedly. With caffeinated drinks, many of us drink the same exact thing every day, like a particular type of coffee from a particular place. We don’t do that with food. Each culture seems to have popular drinks that are not commonly known outside because everyone sticks to their routines.

A coffee shop can turn into a social hub where you meet your neighbors because you tend to go there daily. The same is true for bars, albeit to a lesser extent. A sushi restaurant in your neighborhood cannot perform this function as the chances of bumping into the same people are slim.

This may have something to do with our evolutionary instinct. We need to eat a variety of food in order to satisfy all our nutritional needs, but there is no need to drink a variety of fluids. So, we don’t crave different types of drink. That’s my theory

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