October 15, 2018

Food for Thought

Yes, it’s true. It’s the best babka. But it’s so different from typical babkas that I’m not sure if this one should be categorized as such. Most babkas (at least the ones I’m used to) have many thin layers. This one by Breads Bakery is braided, not layered. I guess it’s a stylistic difference—perhaps someone can tell me where the two different styles come from.

The difference, however, isn’t just the style. The bread is crispy and flaky outside and moist inside. It almost tastes like a croissant. Typical babkas are so loaded with sugar that I can only eat a slice of it. I could eat a whole loaf of this @breadsbakery version myself because it’s more about the bread than it is about the filling.

Hat tip to @pastry_trail

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