October 24, 2018

Food for Thought

I was thinking some more about how our relationship to wine works. I feel it’s a good example to illustrate how our desire works in general. We do not want what we say/think we want. There must always be something that frustrates or curbs what we want in order have a desire. As soon as we get exactly what we want, it becomes undesirable. The following quote says it all: “I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.” (I thought Woody Allen came up with it, but apparently, Groucho Marx said it first. Allen used a variation of it in Annie Hall.) To most people, the culture of wine seems impenetrable. Vinophiles speak their own language that often intimidates the commoners. This functions as a curbing mechanism—the fear, the sense of impossibility, triggers our desire. The price too is another frustrating factor that tickles our desires. It’s a sadomasochistic relationship that we enjoy. Spitting into a bucket after tasting is much like a steamy relationship where both parties implicitly disavow sex.

In contrast, vodka seems vulgar; it’s too much of what we want, that is, intoxication. Absinthe even more so. Heroin is the pure manifestation of what we want, but at that point, we no longer want it. It becomes scary, hence our desire to legally prohibit it. The reason why we are seduced by wine is this seemingly impenetrable and intimidating layer that prevents us from getting what we want. It allows us to enjoy the frustration.

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