November 4, 2018

Food for Thought

Pan-fried water chestnut cake. I’ve never seen it before. The translucent part is made from chestnut flour, @garsleat told me.

At this point, I realize I don’t care about the quality of food. If anything, I seem to be drawn to junk food. All roads to quality seem to lead to Paris, that is, uniformity. The postmodern equivalents are at the lower end of the spectrum. I need to turn around and drive in the opposite direction to find the origin of creativity before it became a one-dimensional pursuit of higher quality.

uality and price generally correlate because quality is a predictable and controllable metric. Creativity does not correlate to price because one of the essential natures of creativity is unpredictability. Also, something truly creative (not gimmicky), often goes unnoticed at first. Our inability to recognize creativity means that the more creative something is, the lower its price would be initially.

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