November 4, 2018

Food for Thought

The uniqueness of their products stood out on Instagram without any visual gimmicks—I had to go check them out. I took the M train from Lower East Side to the last stop in Ridgewood, and then walked for about 40 minutes to get to Silk Cakes. It was like a trip on the Silk Road. I listened to a few podcasts with my newly purchased wireless headset, so, I didn’t mind the walk. The bakery is in Forest Hills but far away from the major commercial area. I should have asked why they chose that location; now it’s a big puzzle in my head.

had a slice of strawberry chiffon cake to stay and bought a slice of apple & Asian pear custard cake and an ube milk bun to go. The taste matched their looks—all excellent.

As I was eating, Chef Judy Lai came out twice to give me instructions for what I should do with the two items I bought to go. (I followed them.) Obviously, she deeply cares about her creations. According to the bio, she grew up near where I live in LES, and studied economics at SUNY Binghamton (another Asian overachiever). I look forward to her store in Manhattan—with her talent, it will happen sooner or later.

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