November 22, 2018

Food for Thought

The chicken was certainly good but I didn’t detect anything particularly Thai about it. If you had told me, it’s a Staten Island style chicken, you could’ve fooled me as I know nothing about that island. For me, the stars of the show were these hot sauces (plus my hot wife because there was an available slot in the layout). The brown one was the best. We ended up eating half of the container. Chicken, in fact, is the perfect delivery vehicle for these sauces since the flavor of it is relatively neutral. Pork, beef, or duck would have too much flavor of their own. Fish might also be a good alternative.

I think a restaurant whose main attractions are condiments would be a good concept (called “The Condiments”). When I met Ivan Orkin (of Ivan Ramen), he told me that he sees food as a way to eat ketchup. (I’m not sure if that remark was supposed to be off the record.) I think he would dig this idea.

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