January 19, 2019

Food for Thought

Caramel sea salt popcorn covered in dark chocolate. Decadent but moderately priced. A trendy movie theater like Metrograph could easily charge $12 for this but it was only $6.

@timmalieckal and I went to see “Shiraz: A Romance of India,” a silent film produced in 1928 meticulously restored in 2017. We were both stunned by how great it looked. I’ve never seen a film from the 20s that is as sharp and detailed as this one. It was digitally restored so there was no jitter and hardly any dust or scratches; a beautiful restoration job. I really enjoyed the music by Anoushka Shankar. In fact, the whole film can be seen as a 105-minute music video.

Watching a silent film today is an interesting experience because the art of it is lost today. In many scenes of Shiraz, we see the actors talking but we can’t hear what they are saying, and the title cards often do not come up, which means much of the dialogue was left for us to fill in. The filmmaker gave us just enough clue for us to work our imagination. For the most part, the story was told visually.

Some critics say Hollywood produced some of the sexiest films when “production code” was in effect (1930 to 1968). Hitchcock got around the 3-second limit on kissing by breaking off the kiss every 3 seconds. Being aware of this prohibition made the kissing scene even sexier.

One easy way to enjoy our lives more is to become aware of how these limitations make our lives more interesting and exciting. Having complete freedom to do whatever we want does not inspire our imagination or creativity.

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