February 3, 2019

Food for Thought

I came across a few YouTube videos of Japanese foodies making “French Castella,” and they got me curious. So, I made castella first (which was surprisingly simple) and then made French toast out of it. The only difference from the conventional recipe for French toast is that no sugar is added because castella itself has enough sugar. It’s quite good; similar to challah French toast but even softer. It’s like bread pudding.

I’ve always had this pointless idea to keep cooking something out of something that’s already been cooked. In this case, I made the castella and made the French toast out of it. Now, I could, for instance, flatten them with a rolling pin and bake it to make French castella chips. I could then break them into small pieces and make French castella chip ice cream. I could then sandwich it between two cookies and make a French castella chip ice cream sandwich. I then dip the whole thing in tempura batter and deep-fry it to make a French castella chip ice cream sandwich tempura. And so on... Sometimes I feel like all the technological progress we are making is as pointless as this.

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