February 9, 2019

Food for Thought

Oh, yes, good life. Since my lovely wife is not such an adventurous eater, whenever we go out together, we go eat the straight-up definition of good food; no intestines, feet, durian, tendon, etc.. And, this Greek restaurant delivered it! Everything was fantastic. It’s one of those moments where I would say, “I could die now,” because I cannot imagine that life could get any happier. In fact, I would hate to have a life where I can have this type of dinner every day. What would I look forward to?

We can learn a lot about happiness and life by studying video games. If the game is too hard and if we rarely win, we get bored and quit. If the game is too easy and if win all the time, we also get bored and quit. So, video game designers have to adjust the difficulty level just right to make it engaging. Not too hard, not too easy.

Let’s say you are playing a racing game. You keep driving with this fantasy that someday you will be able to beat any competitors in any race. Or, you play a fighting game where you keep practicing with this fantasy that someday you will be invincible. But if becoming unbeatable or invincible were so fun, why would you ever play a different game after you master it? Why don’t you keep beating everyone all the time? After all, that was your fantasy, wasn’t it? Now that you have mastered the game, you can forever live in your fantasy but you wouldn’t. As soon as the fantasy becomes the reality, you abandon it. Why?

Because by definition, fantasy cannot be achieved. It has to keep moving one step ahead of you. You must be thankful that it keeps moving away from you because if it didn’t, if you finally catch it, you’d realize that it’s painfully boring. In other words, happiness should be fleeting. It should escape us just as we thought we grasped it. Life cannot become any more perfect than that.

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