Mochi Waffle

Food for Thought

So, I tried making mochi waffles. It works. It doesn’t taste like a traditional waffle, of course, but it’s nice in its own way. Super crispy outside and chewy inside.

The batter is 50% sweet rice flour and 50% regular rice flour. For the first one, I just made it with sugar crystals. It’s somewhere between mochi and rice cracker.

The second one I made with soy sauce mixed in the batter. It’s the most obvious thing to do, and it tastes as you would imagine.

For the third one, I mixed egg yolk, vanilla extract, and melted butter. This made it taste like a conventional waffle but the texture is still chewy. The flavor is similar to fortune cookies.

I think the third one would work well for my wife who is gluten-free. If I top it with fruits and whipped cream, you wouldn’t notice the difference.