June 1, 2018

You are often frustrated by my ideas because they cause you to have feelings you don’t want, like a bunch of toddlers released into a harmoniously decorated room with delicate objects. Just as you try to control the behavior of one, another is up to trouble. Eventually, you become overwhelmed. You want to find peace and calm.

Well, my room isn’t like that. There is nothing in it, just like my old apartment before you moved in. So, I let my feelings run around. I don’t worry. They run, run, and run. Their names could be anger, frustration, bitterness, or sadness. Just like your toddlers, they get their energy from my thoughts. The more I think, the more energized they become. But eventually they get tired and go to sleep.

Seeing them run around makes me feel alive. That’s why I keep talking to you until I realize that you are exhausted.