Morality of Law Is Irrelevant

Whether our laws are moral or immoral, at the end of the day, is irrelevant because, as citizens, we are going to directly or indirectly support the enforcement of every law even if we find it immoral. The respect for our legal institution must be placed above our own sense of morality. If everyone disobeyed every law they disagreed with, because they found it immoral, our society could not function. Democracy implies that there will be many laws we individually find immoral. Democracy is beyond good and evil; not amoral or immoral but beyond. Going beyond morality is not the same as being a moral relativist. It is the realization that there is something more important in life than morality.

It is pointless to argue over our moral differences because moral arguments cannot be made without assumptions we accept as self-evident truths which are different for everyone. If you attempt it, you inevitably become self-righteous and arrogant. You can appear to win as long as you are smarter than your opponent, but that is just intellectual bullying. If you were truly smart, you should know that no moral arguments could ever be vindicated by reason. In essence, you are just pounding your chest, because that is all that you can do with morality, even if you put a pseudo-rational face on it.