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Why I Can’t Criticize White Nationalists

Before I get into why, I want to clarify a few things. In this essay, I’m going to differentiate “white nationalists” from “white supremacists,” and define the former as a group which is against violence and does not necessarily see White people to be superior to others. White nationalists are primarily driven by their desire to live among their own race, in a what they call White “ethnostate.” We need to honor these differences if we want them to recognize that not all liberals are the same either. There are some violent liberals just as there are some violent racists. Secondly, I’m not saying nothing can be criticized about them. In fact, I will criticize them on some issues below. But, I cannot attack their core values for it would make me a hypocrite.

This short interview of Jared Taylor by Eddie Huang would be useful as a reference point in the discussion below, so I encourage you to watch it.

If a White person prefers to live in a White-dominant (or even all-White) environment, can I blame him? I can’t because that is exactly what Japan is for the Japanese. Japan is suffering from shrinking birth rate and population. Their economy may soon collapse because a disproportionate percentage of their population are retired seniors. There are not enough young people to carry that weight. The Japanese government is encouraging people to have more children, but it’s not working. There is one quick and easy solution to address their problem: immigration. If they were to give out millions of citizenships to immigrants below the age of, say, 30, their problem would be solved almost overnight. Why wouldn’t they do this? Because they want to live in an ethnostate also. They are controlling their ethnic dominance just as Jared Taylor wants the US to do. If we were to criticize Jared Taylor for being racist, then we also need to criticize any nations like Japan for being racist. Otherwise we would be hypocritical.

And, I understand why White nationalists and the Japanese want to live in a racially homogenous environment. Homogeneity and diversity have both pros and cons, and we cannot simply assume that diversity is superior in all aspects. If you go to Japan, you will most certainly enjoy their safety, efficiency, and cleanliness. There are far fewer lawsuits and crimes in Japan than there are here in the US.  These are qualities associated with homogeneity. When the nation has a great diversity of values and perspectives, conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. Every decision we need to make becomes a painfully long battle.

If diversity is superior in all aspects, including morality, then each classroom, for instance, should have students of all ages and academic levels. School admission based on academic achievement should be illegal. Each college should have a diversity of intelligence. But in both age and intelligence, all colleges are homogenous. Why? Because it’s more efficient that way in teaching.

I recently had an opportunity to see what it’s like inside of New York’s top high school, Stuyvesant. According to Wikipedia, over 72% of students are Asian. It was a shocking sight. When I walked into the building, I felt like I was back in my high school in Tokyo. One of the teachers told me that the students are given a degree of freedom that you would not see in any other schools in New York because they are so well behaved. As an example, she showed me a table in the main lobby where they were exhibiting fragile ceramic works and architectural models. She said they had been there for weeks without any protection. Nobody touches them. These are tangible benefits of homogeneity.

Say, you are a White liberal, and I ask you the same question Eddie Huang asked. Are you worried about Whites becoming a minority in the US? Most likely you would say no. What I would say to you then is that it’s easier said than done, because you don’t know what it’s like to be a minority. It’s easy to make yourself feel good by pointing your finger at someone like Jared Taylor, but can you really put your money where your mouth is? To make the prospect of being a minority more real, let me give you some examples of what you can do in order to experience what it’s like to be a minority without waiting 50 years.

If you have a child, send your kid to a Black, Hispanic, or Asian dominant school where your child would be a minority. Would you do that? If you say yes, I’d like to see you actually do it. If you say, no, you would likely say, you want to send your kid to a school where its diversity reflects the diversity of the city you live in. But, your child wouldn’t be a minority then.

If you have a corporate job dominated by White employees, go work for a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese corporation where you would be a minority, where the management is dominated by Asians. It would be quite hard for you to get to know them well enough to be promoted. An Indian corporation might be even better because they speak English. Many of these corporations are successful and they would have many opportunities for Americans, so you can most likely get paid the same salary you are earning now. Would you do it?

Move to a Black, Hispanic, or Asian dominant neighborhood. Or, at least move to a neighborhood where Whites are already a small minority.

Even though you have many choices where you can be a minority, your natural preference has been to stay in a White-dominant environment. Why is that? Because you haven’t thought about it before? OK, then, now that I gave you these ideas, would you do it? Most likely you wouldn’t. Why? Because being in a White-dominant environment would be a lot more comfortable for you. If so, wouldn’t it be hypocritical to point your finger at someone like Jared Taylor who is willing to spell out the same preference you have? In fact, aren’t you pointing your finger at him in order to deny your own guilt or hypocrisy?

This is true also for Asians. The Onion has a funny article titled “Asian Guy Has Separate Group Of Just Asian Friends.” This is funny because it’s true. Many Asian Americans socialize with other Asian Americans even though they are all native English speakers. I don’t have many Asian friends but I must admit that I do feel a certain affinity towards other Asians. I naturally feel more comfortable around them. In fact, that was the reason why I generally avoided making Asian friends when I moved to the US. After all, if I wanted to hang out with Asians, I might as well stay in Japan. I had to force myself to do what was uncomfortable for me. But I have to admit that I have made little to no effort in getting to know people of other colors. For instance, I don’t know any Black person whom I can call a good friend.

These are the reasons why I can’t criticize White nationalists. Before I start pointing my finger at others, I should focus on fixing my own problems, on living up to what I’m preaching. I believe in diversity, so I should live it.

But there are other aspects of White nationalists that I would criticize. For instance, the idea that White people should now take back “their” country is absurd. It’s far too late for that. America’s biggest strength and export is creativity. No other nations come close. This is because diversity is the source of creativity. Creativity is about making unexpected connections. When two cultures fuse, creativity flourishes. The process of creativity is not efficient, clean, or safe. It’s the exact opposite. The Americans are creative precisely because this country is inefficient, dirty, and dangerous. I’m serious. These are the two sides of the same coin. One study has found that a messy desk promotes creativity, and according to this article on New York Times, multiracial people are more creative.

In other words, what the nonwhite immigrants actually did (like building railroads) is a very small part of their contributions; they brought with them their entire culture and heritage which were fused with the Western culture by living next to each other. If not for this cultural fusion, this country would not be the creative powerhouse that it is today. For the White people to take all of the credit and to take it all back is ludicrous.

Many people are now fearful of the racist uprising in the US. I’m not. Many White nationalists I came across on the Internet are intelligent and civilized. They are not promoting violence. They prefer to live in a homogenous nation. I don’t, and most Americans don’t. Other White supremacists and racists are clearly stupid and uncivilized. Don’t worry; the rest of us are clearly superior. Have confidence in our own abilities.

White dominance is ending soon anyway. Given the rapid growth of China and the size of their population, soon Asians will be the most powerful race in the world. It’s time for Asians to stop seeing ourselves as victims of racism and start thinking about how not to abuse our Yellow privilege. It’s time for us to start listening to complaints from others including these White nationalists.