May 26, 2017    PhilosophyAmericaBusinessPsychology

7 Great Habits of Highly Unsuccessful People You Should Imitate

1. Read a lot of articles about successful people. To be unsuccessful, you need to follow the herd. Don’t think for yourself, do what others do. This is why there are so many articles about what successful people do. You need to repeat the strategies that successful people used many years ago. This will ensure that they won’t work for you since everyone else will be doing the same thing by now.

2. Be what you want to be. You heard that computer programmers are high in demand? Head over to Codecademy and learn how to code. It doesn’t matter if you have never shown any interest in coding. It doesn’t matter you would rather spend your money on the latest fashion than on the latest computer. It doesn’t matter that you don’t read computer manuals to go to sleep. It’s not about what you are but what you want to be. What? You love computers but you want to be a “leader”? You are right; “leadership” is all the rage now. You are almost guaranteed to be unsuccessful because there won’t be enough followers for all these leaders.

3. Imagine your future and plan towards it. That’s right. Predict your future; you will be unsuccessful. Given how fast the world is evolving through technologies, it’s not possible to predict anything about our future. Predicting is the best way to lead yourself down the wrong path. Once you have a mental image of yourself in the future, stick to your plan. Don’t look around; be committed to your vision. In five years or so, you will find that the world has moved completely the other way.

4. Be proactive. Don’t sit around in silence. Fill your mind with stuff by doing anything. Doing stuff allows you to ignore any nagging feelings your conscience or intuition may have. Fill your calendar with stuff to do with no breaks in between. They all feel pointless? Stop listening to your inner voice! Just do anything.

5. Be confident. Remind yourself of this every morning in front of a mirror. This might be counter-intuitive but trust me. When you consciously try to be confident, people can see that you are trying. So, you send a clear signal that you are insecure. It’s a great way to be unsuccessful. Truly confident people are not aware that they are confident; it’s a quality others perceive. When you think carefully about how you walk, you start to walk funny. Likewise, a key to becoming unsuccessful is to deeply think about your own confidence.

6. Be an effective communicator. Communication is an art, not a science. There is no way to objectively prove anyone is more effective at it than anyone else. So, by striving to be a better communicator and by claiming that you have “excellent communication skills,” you will naturally act more arrogantly and become more unsuccessful.

7. Know your “why.” Knowing what you need to do isn’t enough; you need to know why you are doing it. To know why you are doing it is to know what the meaning of life is. You can become unsuccessful by pretending to have solved the ultimate puzzle of life, by relentlessly driving yourself towards a mirage. When you get there, you will learn a new meaning of what “success” is.